Tips when following our slimming programme

IMPORTANT: Don't overdo it by cutting back on other meals. Enjoy life. Indulge at supper-time and weekends like you normally would. Assuming you are a busy individual, eating a healthy breakfast should be a breeze. Preparing a healthy lunch while eating your breakfast shouldn't be hard either. The rest is easy (1) eat your lunch (2) No snacks or soda (3) stay busy & focused at work Do whatever is necessary to ensure you eat the lunch you prepared (for example, leave your credit card behind) Cut down on coffee, try it without sugar and milk.

While at work (even otherwise, drink plenty of water) Do not snack at work Make your lunch as colourful as possible. Stay focused to your diet perhaps vegetables with and you'll have the body you want in no time. It’s possible and recommended that you eat a variety of foods. You will notice that you don't feel lethargic or sleepy after lunch. Don't panic, this is normal. You will also become more productive at work; this is also normal. Keep up the mind-set. The secret to weight loss is not found in the newest "miracle" drug or herb.

True weight loss can only be found in a commitment to a change in lifestyle. Limit your calorie intake in a healthy way, not an extreme one Make exercise a fun and healthy habit, not a chore. By combining a healthy diet with regular exercise, you can give your goals the best possible chance for success and create goals that are attainable - with commitment, dedication and hard work.

When eating out, balance out your meal with extra activity and exercise Keep a supply of healthy snacks in your desk or handbag for a quick and healthy boost Carry a few non-perishable snack alternatives in your bag rather than purchasing a more unhealthy option