Q : Do you easily gain the weight you lost with the wraps?

No, the weigh loss is permanent as you are not loosing moisture, but fat. Other wraps are based on moisture (sweat) loss, but our product is designed around fat loss through blood vessels.

Q : Is the program safe for use by diabetics, people with high blood pressure or eczema?

This was tested especially for diabetics and is is 100% safe. This is also designed for people which is insulin resistant. Eczema skins also find relief as the garlic contained in the cream includes antibiotics for skin problems

Q : Who’s not allowed to use the product?

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Q : What happens during a Javanti Wrap?

The wrap cream is absorbed by the epidermis (outer skin ) and taken up in the bloodstream, where it stays active for a period of 3-4 days.

Q : Is it possible to wrap your breasts, double chin and cheeks?

No, the wrap cream absorbed in the bloodstream which contains cayenne (capsicum) is distributed through out the body. So, even if you do not wrap a woman’s breasts, it will also loose weight.

Q: If I have completed my first 10 wraps package and I want to loose more weight, may I continue with a second package immediately?

It is 100% safe to continue immediately with the next session as there are no ephedrine or addictive substances in any or our products.