No    harsh    exercises    or    extreme diets      required.      The      Javanti Slimming    Solution     promises    to help    you    lose    centimetres    of    fat within an hour! The     active     ingredient     in     our product    is    Pomegranate,    blended with          natural          ingredients. Pomegranate     is     used     for     it’s medical properties. Pomegranate   stimulate   circulation and   enhances   blood   flow.      As   a cardiovascular                 stimulant, pomegranate    assists    in    breaking down cholesterol build up in the veins. Javanti   Slimming   Solution    contains   specific   ingredients   that   help in specific areas of weight loss. Javanti’s formula was designed to be a   complete   and   balanced   slimming   wrap,   and   addresses   the   4   areas of fat loss:
Javanti Wrap acts as an: Appetite Suppressant a Fat Burner a Metabolism Enhancer and an Energy Booster It   is   also   proven   that   Pomegranate   has been   used   as   a   digestive   aid   to   ease   the protective    mucus    membranes    of    the stomach. Pomegranate   also   prevent   blood   clotting. This   is   so   safe   that   even   diabetes   &   high blood   pressure   clients   can   use   it   with utmost confidence. Javanti Slimming Solution is ideal for: Lose an inch of belly fat fast Cellulite Tightning lose skin Boost metabolizer Ginger   in   our   product   is   commonly   known   for   it’s   effectiveness as   a   digestive   aid,   also   stimulate   blood   circulation,   removing toxins   from   our   bodies   while   cleansing   the   bowels   and   the kidneys. This enhances and promotes better organ functioning. Cinnamon   in   our   product   is   well-known   for   loosing   “belly-fat”. Cinnamon    also    reduce    blood    sugar    level    and    increase    the natural production of insulin. In   addition,   addressing   elevated   blood   sugar   levels   and   help   to combat insulin resistance.
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